Fixing and Repairing Your Lawn After a Chinch Bug Infestation

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This summer has been a good year, for Chinch bugs. For your lawn, not so much.

Right now lawns are not in the best state because of the many chinch bug infestations that occurred this summer. This means it is time to fix your lawn before winter comes – because after that it may be too late.

Ever wondered what is the best way of doing this? We’ll tell you exactly the best ways to fix up your lawn before winter.

Chinch Bug Headaches

Chinch bug fixTo begin, what is a Chinch bug? Chinch bugs are pests that feed off the sap of grass blades. They are only 4 mm in length making them very difficult to identify, as such you could get major infestation before you even know what’s happening. They leave dead patches of grass and unlike those affected by white grubs, grass affected by them will not survive without treatment.

Fortunately we are known for our swift and effective destruction of this insect infestation and our fast rebuilding of your lawn with treatments.

Chinch bugs lay their eggs in the months of May and June and the hatchlings are only the size of a pinhead making them almost impossible to identify by a non-professional. There is not much you can do to prevent the spread of chinch bugs to your lawn without professional help, all the same keeping your lawn healthy and watered helps a lot. Because of the dry weather this summer, lawns were weaker and thus far more susceptible to the chinch bug threat.

Fall Lawn Repair Steps

Soil Aeration

Soil aeration in fallThe first thing that is recommended for fixing lawn up after a chinch bug infestation or just to clean up your lawn before winter comes is soil aeration. Soil aeration basically pokes a bunch of little holes in your lawn and turns the earth a little bit, as not to disturb your grass. This allows the flow of oxygen into the earth on which your lawn is placed.

How will this help you ask? It turns out that oxygen can have a rejuvenating effect on your lawn, making the turf thicker and stronger due to the presence of oxygen molecules inside the soil, on top of that we offer soil aeration at a very low price. This can be of great use to your lawn and is highly recommended by professionals, especially after your lawn was affected by chinch bugs, as the grass can have difficulty repairing itself after such damage.

Add New Soil

The next thing you should do is to apply a thin layer of good soil to the top of your turf. This will allow the grass to gain more nutrients and expand, growing thicker and stronger, making it far less susceptible to chinch bug infestations in the future. We also recommend the brand Fafard Viva Pelouse, as this soil. Fafard Viva Pelouse earth provides ideal germination conditions for any new grass you may choose to plant at this time to make up for grass lost.

This soil has a very high water retention so that it will be hard for your lawn to ever lack water and as such will never dry out. This soil is also enriched with compost to provide better nutrients and also has a quick release nutrients system. On top of all that this type of soil has been specifically designed to help weak or damaged lawns to repair themselves such as those that have been affected by Chinch bugs or some other such infestation that may have occurred over the course of the summer.

Reseeding and Fertilization

Fafard Viva PelouseFinally to help repair your lawn, you should then proceed to reseed the damaged area. This important because not all the damaged grass will fix itself and regrow, that is impossible, also this will make the existing grass thicker, stronger and healthier. Then you finish by putting a starter fertilizer over these new seeds and proceed to rake the whole thing together. During this stage it is very important that you water your lawn everyday as this a critical period of growth for your grass.

Fall is the Time for Lawn Repair

In conclusion, this is the time to fix your grass, because soon it will be too late to fix easily and it will cost you a lot more time and effort. So don’t miss out on this critical opportunity.

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