3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Lawn

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Many people, albeit unknowingly, do not provide the best care possible for their lawns. This means that lawns are only at a fraction of their potential. So this year, make it your New Year’s resolution to have the best lawn possible, and impress all your neighbors, family and friends as nothing looks as good in the spring and summer as a nice green healthy lawn. This article will discuss the three best ways to do this as we are experts with lawn care, so take an expert’s advice and do these things for a better lawn.

Soil Aeration

Of these three resolutions, perhaps the most important one, is soil aeration. Soil aeration is basically punching small holes in your lawn and turning the soils a bit. This introduces a small amount of oxygen in the soil. This can be very beneficial to your lawn as it makes the soil itself more fertile. This will result in a thick healthy lawn. If you decide to aerate your soil, this New Year’s resolution may actually be the first one you end up keeping permanently because after seeing the effects this year, you won’t be able to stop yourself from aerating it again next year.


Soil aeration gives your lawn many benefits. Some of these such benefits are a greener and healthier lawn, better tolerance to heat and drought as the soil can breathe, reduction of runoff water, better fertilization results, better rooting of the grass as well as less soil compaction. All these are very good for your lawn and are only a few of the many reasons why getting your turf aerated for the New Year is a good idea and should be done as soon as possible in the spring. We offer many such services so be sure to check them out.

Grass Reseeding

The second “resolution” you can make for your lawn would be to get your grass reseeded. There are many reasons why this is a good idea. To begin a denser lawn has more resistance to pests such as chinch bugs as well as an increased resistance to weeds of any kind including the infamous crabgrass and dandelions which seem to spread anywhere and everywhere. This is all not to mention that a denser lawn also looks better overall. Also if your lawn happens to be damaged or missing in certain places, then grass reseeding may be the thing that actually saves your lawn. If your grass is missing in places, it is like an invitation to a free all you can eat buffet to a bunch of starving weeds.


If nothing is done about this problem, weeds will very quickly take over these parts of your lawn. This is not the worst part however, as from the now weed-occupied part of your lawn, the weeds will launch a full scale invasion of your entire lawn and they may very well succeed. All these and more are reasons why you should hurry to reseed your lawn as soon as possible in the New Year.

Soil Fertilization

The last “resolution” of sorts you can do for your lawn to make it better in the New Year is to fertilize it. In the beginning, when the snow has just melted, the grass is weak after spending the winter frozen under a bunch of snow. Fertilizer can be the extra kick your lawn needs at the beginning to grow healthy, thick and strong and to beat the weeds.

Fertilizer Later in the Year

Fertilizer can also be used also in the summer or at any point to give your grass an extra kick if it needs or just to make it healthier and greener. Even if you already have a great lawn, fertilization or even simply putting a layer of black earth over the grass can help maintain it and is especially important if you are trying to grow some new grass this year.


In conclusion, this New Year, 2019, can be a very important year for you and your lawn. If you follow these three New Year’s resolutions you can be guaranteed a thick, green and healthy lawn, free of pests and weeds of all kinds in this New Year.

Happy New Year’s from Enviro Masters!!!!!!

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